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United Black Community (UBC)

What is UBC?

The United Black Community (UBC) is a coalition of individuals in the Pan-African Community that belong to many different progressive Pan-African organizations. One of UBC's principal objectives is to sponsor community-wide events that bring the Black community closer together and project the philosophy of Pan-African Nationalism to the broader Black Community. UBC currently sponsors two main events: Kwanzaa and Kuzaliwa. For Kwanzaa, we organize various events and publicize the events of others that remain true to its original standards. In order to honor Brother Malcolm X, we hold our Kuzaliwa (Happy Birthday) celebration in May and present the Umoja Award to individuals that exemplify and honor his memory by helping to unite Black people through their work. UBC also sponsors monthly programs. See above for more details.

What's Coming Up Next?

Friday, April 17, 2015
10th Annual At Home in Africa Showcase: Leveraging African Diaspora Capital and Private Investments for Africa's Development:

The program will include presentations on various projects underway on the African continent by members of the Washington, D.C. Community, including discussions, exhibitions, customized round-table discourse, and networking with African government officials. Business owners are encouraged to bring their cards and information to distribute. Various African Finance Ministers attending the World Bank/IMF 2015 Spring Meeting have been invited to attend. Come see the wonderful things happening on the continent!

@ 27 Independence Avenue, S.E. Cannon Caucus Room 345 Washington, DC 20003
Dinner provided (RSVP @ 202-526-4039 or UBCinDC@yahoo.com required for dinner) Cosponsored by African Civil Society Program


If you are interested in working with UBC, contact us at: EMAIL240-832-7203, 202-309-3443 or 202-526-4039